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Search Engine Marketing / SEM Services

The fact is search engines are used by overwhelming number (80%) of people to search products and services online. Can you afford not to have prominent position on major search engines?

SonikTechnologies search engine marketing services, offer you the ideal way to increase search engine visibility via white hat organic SEM Services and PPC Campaign management. More search engine visibility would guarantee increased traffic to your website acting as a big booster to your internet marketing efforts.

Part art and part science search engine optimization can deliver maximum value in terms of free and quality search engine traffic. We take the whole step further by optimizing your websites to ensure high search engine placement on relevant keywords which are derived from an indepth keyword research and analysis based on real time statistics and data from search engines.
point_022    KEY FEATURES
point_03   An SEO Strategy - SEO analysis of your site conducted by an experienced SEO advisor to identify opportunities
for improvement and devise a comprehensive approach that will get results.
point_04   Keyword Research - Thorough research of your industry and identification of which keywords and phrases will
achieve the best results.
point_05   SEO Copywriting - Content optimization using your keywords and phrases in the pages of your site to
achieve higher ranking.
point_06   Link Building - The process of creating inbound links to your website which allows your site to achieve a
higher ranking.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising puts ads for your Web site in front of people looking for what you have to offer on Google and other search engines. And unlike other forms of advertising, you only pay when someone responds to your ad. Instead of being in the dark when you advertise in print, on the radio or other methods, results can be tracked to ensure you are getting a positive return on your marketing investment.

We believe that a properly set up and maintained PPC campaign can be very profitable and cost effective for any business. The cost to acquire a customer is about $8.50 for search (Pay per Click), $20 for Yellow Pages, $50 for online display ads, $60 for e-mail and $70 for direct mail. Data for television was not included.

Pay Per Click (also known as cost per click) Advertising cost 55% less than the Yellow Pages in customer acquisition. With the Yellow pages your ad is the same for one whole year. Pay per click advertising can be changed to reflect new products, season promotions, special sales, or anything your business wants to promote. You can change your ad every day!


Google Analytics is a free, highly sophisticated web analytics service that tells you everything that you want to know about your website. We are group of experts, who manage websites on Google Analytics. Using this tool you can tell how people find your site, what they do, how many of them go on to make a purchase and much more. We offer a variety of free web analytics resources, including our internet marketing and analytics blog, our analytics webinar series and workshops.

Calculating Marketing ROI is essential for every business; we at our end analyze the quality & quantity of traffic from each source and provide insights into profitability of each source, which helps in decision making for optimizing budgets and efforts into each channel.

Tagging other sources of advertising such as display for efficient tracking & monitoring of performance from Google Analytics Console.

Our Google Analytics specialists will work closely with your team to support your technical and analysis needs, whether it is basic tag implementation, custom code, or Google analytics tool configuration.

E-commerce tracking, which includes tracking the each order/sales online vis--vis segment of Users, (Reolocation, Traffic Source, Keywords used Avg time etc?)



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